Kennel Raid

September 9, 2003 - Posted at: 9:00 p.m. CDT

The California-based animal rights group Last Chance for Animals claims that their 15-year investigation of C.C. Baird's Martin Creek Kennels lead to the recent raid of the Sharp County facility by federal, state, and local investigators.

More that 100 animals were seized from the kennel during the late August search, which covered several days.

In a Little Rock press conference, Last Chance for Animals released details of their undercover investigation, where the claim Baird and his staff were abused. Part of the conference included the airing of a video tape supposedly of the Baird kennel shot with a hidden camera. The video shows dogs being choked with their leashes and collars, and even some dogs that appeared to be deceased.

Baird is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture to maintain a Class B kennel. Group president Chris Derose says he hopes this investigation will bring changes to the way he says many dog dealers conduct business.

"As long as the USDA keeps licensing these people they have created a criminal element to go out there and steal you companion animal and sell it to research," Derose said.

The investigation into the Martin Creek Kennels in Sharp County is still underway, and no arrests have been made at this time.

Several medium to large breed dogs (young adults and adults) were seized this week from a kennel in northeast Arkansas.

Most of the dogs seized were either hounds, beagles, or lab mixes. The USDA advises that if dog owners recently lost a dog that meets the above description and believe it may have been at this kennel, to submit information to its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.