MACA Update November 2020

Dear Maine Animal Control Officers,

Happy Holidays!

2020 has been a difficult year for all. COVID-19 has effected each of us personally in some way whether through finances, changes in living situations, concerns about personal health or the health of family and friends, the list goes on and on. On a professional level, COVID-19 has changed how we respond to calls, proper PPE and masking requirements, and adjustments of interactions with your local shelter staff to name a few!

Mandatory Animal Control Officer (ACO) training hours should NOT be included on your worry list!! The MACA Annual meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19 however, there are still many training options available to you. ACO related online trainings had already become increasingly popular prior to COVID-19 and even more are available now. Some trainings charge a nominal fee but there are also some great options with no price tag. It is also very important to remember for MACA members that the Bylaws for) were amended a few years ago to allow for ACOs to meet in regional groups for trainings which would be recognized by MACA as official trainings. This was specifically changed to allow for those with travel restrictions. It also allows for the support and comradery of fellow ACOs. If you are interested in getting a group together in your area, please reach out to a MACA Regional Director! Individual ACOs are very much in charge of how much training or how little training they receive. MACA encourages you to receive as much training as possible to make you the best ACO you can be. MACA will certainly assist with advertising any smaller COVID-19 friendly meetings as well as assisting in locating an expert on a requested topic if needed. Also, do not forget Basic Training for ACOs is now online through the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program. If you are not a MACA member an interested in joining, please see the membership application attached.

Ideas for Online Training:

  • ASPCA Pro Online Training
  • Pryor Learning Online
  • Maine Municipal Association
  • National Animal Care & Control Association
  • The Association of Animal Welfare Advancement


Be Safe Out There!

Rebecca Parker
Maine Animal Control Association

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